Go Build in the Classroom

Teachers and counselors have the power to influence young minds toward a better future. If you have students who are or might be interested in a career in the skilled trades, we’re here to help.

Go Build

Go Build is a 501(c)(3) that seeks to keep our workforce strong and steady – and that starts by inspiring young people to consider a career in the skilled trades. Go Build is a comprehensive workforce development initiative that seeks to address the current skills gap crisis by enhancing the image of the construction industry and informing young people, parents, educators and influencers, about opportunities in the trades.

Go Build Alabama was launched in 2010 with unified industry support. In 2012, under the direction of the Governor’s office of Economic and Workforce Development, Go Build Georgia was launched. Both Alabama and Georgia continue to expand and evolve their efforts to meet the demands of industry, educators, and students.

Go Build Tennessee

Go Build Tennessee was enacted through legislation with industry support from the Associated Builders and Contractors, the Associated General Contractors, the Home Builders Association, and the Tennessee Road Builder Association. The program is administered by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of representatives from commercial, industrial, residential, and road building contractors and subcontractors.

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