April 2017 Go Build Ambassador: Jay Cardwell

The mission of Go Build is to enhance the image of the construction industry and inform young people and their "influencers" about career opportunities in the craft trades. "Go Build Ambassadors" exemplify the spirit of Go Build as the proud, elite group helping to build a better tomorrow. As the future of our country’s construction industry, they understand there's nothing they can't accomplish with their own two hands – they don't just operate tools, they are tools. They are the keys to their livelihood, providers for society's progress and catalysts for change.

Our April "Go Build Ambassador" is Jay Cardwell from Hendersonville.

IMG_7488I am currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University with plans to major in the Concrete Management Industry in December 2019. I transferred there in January of this year after studying at Vol State Community College for a year and a half and taking advantage of the Tennessee Promise program.

After high school, I was not sure exactly what I wanted to study or major in, but did know that I wanted to go to college. I decided to attend Vol State Community College to take general education classes while figuring out what I truly wanted to pursue.

I was aware of Go Build through seeing the campaign online.  I knew after seeing the campaign that the construction and skilled trades industries could be a rewarding and extremely wise choice when choosing a future career.

A good friend of mine’s father actually introduced me to the Concrete Management Program as he works at the Tennessee Department of Transportation. My friend and I toured the campus and met with the head of the department and could not have been more impressed with what she had to say about classes and tutoring offered at the school, job placement assistance, employment placement rates after graduation, paid internship offerings, and starting salaries.  It did not take me long to make up my mind after we met.  I transferred shortly after, was accepted and am extremely pleased with my decision.



To nominate a student, educator or influencer as a "Go Build Ambassador," send us an email to info@gobuildtennesssee.com for more information.