May 2017 Go Build Ambassador: Kameron Miller of Harrison Construction

The mission of Go Build is to enhance the image of the construction industry and inform young people and their "influencers" about career opportunities in the craft trades. "Go Build Ambassadors" exemplify the spirit of Go Build as the proud, elite group helping to build a better tomorrow. As the future of our country’s construction industry, they understand there's nothing they can't accomplish with their own two hands – they don't just operate tools, they are tools. They are the keys to their livelihood, providers for society's progress and catalysts for change.

Congrats to our May 2017 Go Build Tennessee Ambassador, Kameron Miller.

image1Name: Kameron Miller

Hobbies: My hobbies are hunting, fishing, and farming.

Favorite Training Activity: Testing concrete.

Current training program: Harrison Construction

What inspired your to pursue a career in the skilled trades? I love the people I work around. I like coming to work and working hard – and when I leave I know I've accomplished what I was sent to be done.

What are your plans after completing your training? To continue my career, either with QC or to do maintenance that's two of my main things I'd like to do.

What advice do you have for students or young people who might be considering a career in construction? You will have to work hard and allways make sure you wear the proper PPE that suites the job you are doing. Always be aware of what's going on and be alert. Be able to learn new things and do what your asked to. Have a flexible schedule and show up on time and be able to work in all weather conditions

Live in the Knoxville area and want to know more? Harrison Construction is seeking qualified, safety minded, highly motivated individuals to work as a paid Construction Trainee to be involved with and learn about various aspects of our company. Trainees will be exposed to all lines of business and will follow a 12 week Intern or 12 month Trainee program on a rotational basis. For more information, click here!

To nominate a student, educator or influencer as a "Go Build Ambassador," send us an email to for more information.