Go Build Tennessee May 2018 Ambassador: Caleb Christopher Lee Erickson

“Go Build Ambassadors” exemplify the spirit of Go Build as the proud, elite group helping to build a better tomorrow. As the future of our country’s construction industry, they understand there’s nothing they can’t accomplish with their own two hands: they are the keys to their own success, providers for society’s progress, and catalysts for change. Congrats to our May 2018 Go Build Tennessee Ambassador, Caleb Christopher Lee Erickson of Crossville.

Mike Working

Name:  Caleb Christopher Lee Erickson

Hometown: Crossville, TN

Hobbies: Playing music, singing, hiking, hunting, and fishing

Training Program: TCAT Crossville

Certification: Building Construction Technologies

Favorite Training Activity: Framing houses

What are your future plans within the construction-related skilled trades?  I intend on being a full-time missionary with my church; every place in every country is in need of carpenters! I intend to use my skills in the building construction trade to help those in need of homes and to use my trade to get into areas that might otherwise be inaccessible to me. It also helps that I absolutely love what I do! 

For young people who might be considering a career in construction, what advice would you share?  Construction isn’t for the faint of heart. If you want to make it in this field you’ve got to be willing to put in hard work and effort. However, if you’re willing to do what it takes to develop the necessary skills to make it in the construction field, it’ll be well worth it! A person can make great money doing construction. Carpenters are always in need, so you’re basically guaranteed job security if you work hard! In my opinion, it’s never boring and every job is different in some capacity, so there’s always something new to learn, always something to improve and always more work to be done! 

Why are campaigns like Go Build Tennessee important in changing perceptions about the construction industry and telling young people about the many careers in the skilled trades? Campaigns like Go Build Tennessee are a huge step in the right direction towards showing people what the skilled trades are all about! So many people my age go into the university system, graduate their programs and are unable to find jobs afterward. Meanwhile, the United States is running low on skilled, trained tradesmen and is in desperate need of people to fill those jobs. Campaigns like Go Build Tennessee are going out into the school system and informing people on the reality of trade jobs and are drawing people’s interests into them. Go Build Tennessee is spreading the word about the trades and I sincerely believe people are listening!


About TCAT Crossville's Building Construction Technology Program:

The BCT program provides students with basic training in areas concerned with building homes.  As trends and consumer tastes change, builders must be prepared.  This course is designed to prepare the student for this ever-changing industry.  The training is based upon fundamental construction techniques with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.

For more information, contact the admissions department at admissions@tcatcrossville.edu or .

The mission of Go Build is to enhance the image of the construction industry and inform young people and their “influencers” about career opportunities in the craft trades. To nominate a student, educator or influencer as a “Go Build Ambassador,” send us an email to info@gobuildtennesssee.com for more information.